Sasha and Malia Ann Obama
looking more every day like
Anita Blanchard and Martin Nesbitt


Date Event Notes
1961-Aug-04 Barack Obama born Father was probably Frank Marshall Davis not Obama Sr.
1964-Jan-17 Michelle LaVaughn Robinson born  
1996-Nov-05 Barack Obama elected to Illinois State Senate  
1998-Jul-04 Malia Ann born No baby photos with Michelle, Deal made with Marty Nesbitt
1998-Nov-05 Barack Obama re-elected to Illinois State Senate  
2001-Jun-10 Sasha born No baby photos with Michelle, Deal made with Anita Blanchard
2005-Jan-03 Barack Obama elected US Senator from Illionois until Nov  2008
2008-Nov-05 Barack Obama elected President of the USA  

More info at: www.barack-obama-timeline.com

Two daughters with XX chromosomes are easier to hide
because the X's could come from the father or mother.
Sons have XY chromosomes. 
The Y chromosome could only come from Obama.