A Case of Identity - Three major identification documents
show signs of forgery or fraud - namely his
Birth Certificate, Draft Card and Social Security Number

He has used at least 3 alias names: Barack Hussein Obama
Barry Soetoro, and Harrison J. Bounel.
He is possibly the son of Frank Marshall Davis of Hawaii
an author and activist in the Honolulu Communist Party
instead of the alleged Barack Obama Sr. of Kenya

Relevant Charges
Fraud and forgery in connection with identification documents - 18 U.S. Code 1028
Identity theft, second degree, under D.C. Code 22-3227.02, 22-3227.03(b)
Attempted identity theft under D.C. Code 22-1803, 22-3227.02, 22-3227.03
Fraudulent withholding information or failure to supply information to employer under D.C. Code 47-4105
Fraud or false statements under D.C. Code 47-4106
Election/petition fraud under D.C. Code 1-1001.08

To donate for the investigation being done by
Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Investigator Mike Zullo and the
Maricopa County Sheriff Office Cold Case Possee

Major documents involved in the case

Ad in the Washington Times  9-Dec-2013

Video President Obama does not want shown

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Trump calls Obama's Birth Certificate a Fake

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Prosecutor: Obama Guilty of Serial Fraud 
Kelly Files: Fox News poll: 50% say President "knowingly lied"
Andrew McCarthy, former Federal Prosecutor

From Forgery to Treason - by Doug Vogt and Paul Irey


Wayne Allyn Root: Columbia University graduates and professors
do not remember Obama.  www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWwGvvFeCPs

Mark Gillar show interviews Doug Vogt
www.youtube.com/watch?v=aChE26q0mN4  part 1
www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaJnccBBh7E  part 2
www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWR5cOZpg7U  part 3

Obama eligibility appeal in Roy Moore's court
Newly elected state chief justice has expressed doubt about Obama's qualification
Saturday, March 30, 2013

Manning Report: DNA Skin Tags Frank Marshall Davis as Obama Dad

Birth Certificate Forgery An obvious phony document
We never get to see the paper one.
It has numerous signs of forgery.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio investigates

Selective Service Card Forgery

Millions of draft cards are stamped
with the 4 digit date of the year.
Why was Obama's  stamped "    80"
instead of the usual "1980"? 
Social Security Number Why does Obama use a SSN
from the Connecticut area,
when he never claimed to live there.
Why are records on it sealed?
Nobel Prize for No Reason

Obama being congratulated by a member
of the Peace Prize Committee, hopeful
the he will truly be peaceful, but he turns
and walks the other way.  Obama went onto start
a war in Libya, and currently threatens Iran.
Through drone missiles he killed civilians
including 2 US Citizens by execution order.

Phony Bin Laden Killing Bin Laden was reported dead in 2002 of kidney problems. 
We saw numerous fake videos of him.
Why would they dump his body in the ocean?
Why not bring him to stand trial and testify?
Why no independent DNA verification?
Why was his body not turned over to his family?
Obama is using this "victory" to help get re-elected
No Bar License Why would the top Harvard Law School graduate
decline the background check necessary
to join the Bar Association?
Top Ten Things Obama Has Not Released By www.Brietbart.com
Dreams From My Father Biography is largely fiction
co-written with socialist activist and convicted bomber Bill Ayers
Pirated from "I Dreamed of Africa" by Kuki Gallman (1991) Over 50 uncommon expressions and anecdotes by Obama indicating plagiarism was committed.
Possible deception about who his father is

Dreams From My Real Father

Barack Obama Sr.
Frank Marshall Davis?


Records we, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, would like to see

Passport records
Obama kindergarten records
Punahou School records
Occidental College records
Columbia University records
Columbia thesis
Harvard Law School records
Harvard Law Review articles
University of Chicago scholarly articles
Illinois State Bar Association records
Illinois State Senate records/schedules (said to be lost)
Medical records
Obama / Dunham marriage license
Obama / Dunham divorce documents
Soetoro / Dunham marriage license
Adoption records
and of course the original paper long-form Certificate of Live Birth

Former student speaks about Obama's college years

Who is Obama's Real Father?





Is he telling us the whole truth?

Something stinks about B.O.

ABOIT does not endorse the "modeling theory" about Obama's mother.

Ann Dunham was NOT the scanitly clad Model

This web site is founded by a former Obama Supporter in 2008
who may still vote for him in 2010 if he confesses.
It is not the President's fault his father was a Communist,
but he should tell the truth about his background and
stop under-estimating the intelligence of the American people.

The First Duty of every President is to the Truth


सत्यं एव जायते
Satyam Eva Jayate
Truth Alone Triumphs


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