Dreams From My Real Father

Frank Marshall Davis "the President's real father", and Sheriff Joseph Arpaio's forensic investigation of the birth certificate - video presentations and discussion.

Purpose: Encourage the President to be himself - and release his background records.

Obviously, the President does not look enough like the Kenyan he claims as his father. He looks so much more like his mother's close friend, Frank Marshall Davis. Frank was a Socialist activist, organizer, and author, living in Hawaii. He was an American citizen. Why the cover up?

Investigators: Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Phoenix, Investigator Mike Zullo, Jerome Corsi PhD (Harvard), researcher Joel Gilbert, and document forensics analysts present abundant evidence of a forged birth certificate, Selective Service Registration (draft) card, and Social Security Number. Obama's school, work, travel, and other records are tightly sealed. Why?

Hypothesis: Dr. Corsi and Gilbert present evidence that the grandfather, Stanley Dunham served during WWII in the Army, and Intelligence. His post-war career included infiltrating and monitoring the Communist Party in Hawaii for the FBI, which had a 600+ page report on Frank Davis. Stanley invited Frank to his home, where he met Mrs. Dunham and daughter Ann, a college student. Photos show Ann visited Frank - a poet, musician, and model photographer.

Problems: Stanley could lose his job and security clearance if it was known his daughter got pregnant by a man he was assigned to keep under surveillance. Frank would get in trouble with his wife and kids. Frank was age 55 and Ann was 18 at the time of her pregnancy, so a marriage would not work.  Ann would be shamed for having a child with an older married man, with no husband. Her boy's career possibilities might be limited by having a Communist father, especially politics.

Solution: They arranged with a visitor from Kenya, Barack Obama Sr., to marry Ann in a private ceremony and be "the father" in return for a long visa and financial assistance enabling him to go to Harvard. After graduation and some family photos they could divorce. The President continues the birth cover story that Stanley, Frank and Ann set up - and wrote a biography.

Summary: It is not the President's fault if his father was a Communist. He should come clean, release his records, and stop under-estimating the intelligence and understanding of the American people.

Seminar Sponsors: Obama donors and voters in 2008, who may consider supporting him in 2012 - but only if he stops hiding the deeds of his father, and tells the truth as a President should.

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